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New week, new workplace. As this week’s blog is being written from Strasbourg, many of you are probably wondering why the entire European Parliament engages on a 440 km long trip every month for just four days? Isn’t it based in Brussels? Actually, the official seat of the European Parliament is in the city of […]

Stories of good people

In my opinion, travels and temporary living abroad make for a valuable experience because they push us to step out of our comfort zone and meet the new. On one hand we can learn something about ourselves and our reactions to unknown situations, and on the other hand we get to meet people of different […]

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Weekend tip: Keep calm and eat Liège waffles

In my third week our Brussels’ office got a visit of young Slovenians that came here as a part of the Meet my MEP project. This is how the European People’s Party group tries to bring the European Parliament closer to the citizens. They can get to know the work of their MEPs, meet them, […]

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From Strasbourg to Slovenian chestnuts

A new week, a new beginning, a new parliamentary building. This time the one in Strasbourg which is so unbelievably massive that it is really unbelievably easy to get lost. In a way this is actually a great technique to get to know a new environment – well, except if you are so hungry you […]

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Surprised by Brussels

Brussels is a city that I’ve visited several times thanks to my studies. Nevertheless, in the first week I made a couple of surprising discoveries. Positive ones among them as well. ;) Living in a city surely does differs very much from only a short tourist stay. Still, I’m not as pretentious as to think […]

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